There is a battle raging, wherever men and women gather. It's as old as the ages. I haven't looked, but I'm sure there is a page somewhere that list causes of divorce and among them is room temperature.

This fight is not new to me. I watched my mom turn down the ac and my dad turned it back up, 10 minutes later for 18 years... This would go on all weekend until one of them snapped. Only two boys in my family, so my mom didn't have any allies. Personally, I like a room to be cold enough to hang meat in. My morning show partner, Melissa likes it a bit warmer.

Melissa gets here way before I do. Lori Crofford keeps a small heater in the studio and Melissa has it on, when I walk in. Keep in mind, the heater is closer to me than her. After 30 minutes, I'll turn it off. Melissa will put on a coat or jacket. I'll turn it back on. Melissa will take her coat off. This goes on all morning and year round.

The air conditioning here at Townsquare works really well. For some reason, it works extremely well in our studio. I'm not sure if the building heater works as well as the ac, but Lori's heater can cook the studio in a couple of minutes.  I have appreciated that heater, for the last couple of weeks, with the cooler weather moving in, but I can't tell Melissa or Lori that. It's a thing now. Even the heater is enjoying the thermostat battle and you can see in the pic. It's...smiling.

I'm one of those people, who rarely gets cold. If the room temp drops to 50 degrees, that's fine with me. So, if I'm cold, it's truly cold and that makes me the world's arbiter, of whether a room or car, is too hot or cold... I can't seem to function in a room over 78 degrees. It impedes my thought process. I can be in a room the size of AT&T stadium, and get claustrophobia if I start getting hot. At home, I keep the ceiling fan on, 7 nights a week. Night time temp in my house is around 65 degrees. During our hot summers, I use the pets as an excuse, to keep the house at a nice 70 degrees.

You know, that meter on the outside of the house and has that round disk that spins? Mine spins like the Himalaya at Wonderland Park during July and August. Do you want to go faster? Just drop the ac to 50 degrees and let's go to town.

Does the temperature battle rage in your home? What's the perfect temp for you? Let us know in the comment section below.


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