I'm one of those people, who is rarely cold. The different rooms I'm move through during the day, I'm told, are cold enough to hang meat in. That includes the MIX studio and my office. In fact, Melissa usually has a jacket on during our show.

Lori Crofford keeps a small heater in the MIX studio and I ignore it. Our studio is a small room and it's not like the temperature is different in parts of the room. I was thinking back to summer and I think Lori may have run that heater, in July. Don't make me swear to it. I like keeping the studio cold; it helps to keep us awake and alert.

With the recent weekend cold spell, it feels cool everywhere. The MIX studio was freezing when I came in this morning and if I'm cold-it's cold. I cranked up Lori's heater as soon as I hit the room. Melissa paused and stared. She's never seen me turn a heater on.

Hopefully, the studio was nice and toasty when Lori came in this morning. If you look closely at the picture of the heater, it looks like it's smiling.

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