I live in the Texas panhandle, so that means I sneeze. A lot. I also hear other people sneeze and I want to share a tip, that will help you get the most out of sneezies. You'll sneeze less...or more.

This is a discovery I found on my own. I have passed it on to special friends, and now you can make it your own. It's very simple...when you do sneeze, make it as loud and powerful as you can. None of that silly "choo" business. Fill up your lungs and it let it go. Loud enough that your co-workers can hear you. AHHHH-CHOOOO!

I'm not a scientist, but I'm positive that a good powerful sneeze ...AHHHHH CHOOO, blows out, whatever it was that caused you to sneeze in the first place. I googled it and most people sneeze at 100 mph, launching the offending particle, some 30 ft. I'm not a Physicist, but it appears if you sneeze in a small room, that stuff blows back, all over you.

When you feel that next sneeze coming on, put some NASCAR into to it. Attempt a 200 mph sneeze. Make it Aerosmith loud. AHHHHHH CHOOOOO! The glass should rattle, and the wall windows shake. Yes, your co-workers are going to notice, but lead them into the light.

I changed jobs earlier this year, and on my last day at the other place, I left knowing I had changed lives. I taught everyone, including the ladies, to sneeze proudly and loudly. Oh sure, it unnerves visitors, but we simply explain what we're doing. Keep me updated on your progress. Send me mp3s. I'll be listening.

Your welcome.

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