It happens to all of us. I'm driving down Bell ...look in my rear view mirror,,,and a motorcycle, with pretty lights, wants me to stop and have a conversation.

One of Amarillo's finest wanted to visit with me. I pull over. He pulls over. I want him to know, who I am, so I hand him my driver's licence. He's so impressed that he gets on HIS radio, to tell his co-workers, all about me.

He was very nice about it all. He gave me a piece of paper with his work address and asked me for my autograph. I gave it to him, he gave me some words of encouragement about driving in traffic. It seems I have to go downtown and meet a judge!! I guess it's true what they say "Amarillo is a big small town" and my new friends want me to meet their friends!

This must be my lucky day!!!

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