Workplace burn-out is not a new concept, it just isn't. It took until this year to recognized it in the medical field.

The World Health Organization just defined it as "chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed."

Would you know the signs of being burned out at your workplace. Read this list and take a close look at yourself and your life.

All of a sudden do you just lack the motivation? I mean especially with parts of your job that you used to love? You could be showing the signs.

Do you seem to find yourself easily annoyed. Especially if it tends to happen a lot. You may need to look back and realize you actually overated.

Do your friends seem to think you've changed? Have you sensed it too? Maybe you used to be easygoing and well now you are not. Or maybe you used to be talkative and now you seem to just keep is to yourself

Are you more disengaged with your team. You used to be all about team work but it's now just easier to handle it all on your ow.

You may even start to feel some symptoms of job burn-out. You may be starting to get a lot of headaches. You're eyes are tired or your neck keeps stiffening up. Does this sound familiar? You may be suffering from workplace burn-out and not even know it.

What can we do in this situation. Take a few days off, if possible. Decompress and start fresh.


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