It's that time of the year. You know the one where people are dropping like flies at work. Once one person get sick it ends up going around the office. So the best advice, of course, is to stay home if you are feeling under the weather.

Everyone around you will thank you. Keep those germs to yourself. If there was a guaranteed way to avoid getting sick.....would you do it? I mean you don't want to get the flu right? Or maybe the thought of coming down with a cold is what you dread the most.

Well you can avoid it. It's not a fun answer. It's doable though. So if you want to avoid getting the flu? Well you need to just come down with a cold. If you want to avoid a cold....yep....get the flu. I told you it wasn't a fun answer.

So apparently you can NOT get a cold and flu at the same time. When you get a virus it actually "creates an inflammatory response in your body that acts lie a barrier to the other one."

So depending on which one you get first that is the one that wins out. The downside to this is that you can't block any other illnesses. They can still come through. So just because you have the flu doesn't mean you can't come down with pneumonia too.

Actually it's much easier to let that illness through. So let's all be diligent this time of year. Wash those hands in hot water....scrub them good. Oh and if you have to sneeze please sneeze into your arm and not your hand. Sneezing in your hand is the easiest way to spread those germs around.


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