Easter falling on April Fool's Day this year is a blessing in disguise. Families will be gathering together giving you ample opportunity to get a few good chuckles in. These five easy pranks take little time to set up, and will make that family get together a little more interesting this year.

  • 1

    Invisible Eggs

    Send those excited kiddos out to hunt for eggs and neglect to mention that you haven't actually hidden any. Sit back and enjoy the confusion or use the opportunity for some quiet alone time.

  • 2

    Funny Money Eggs

    This one is pretty simple. When it comes to the "money egg", replace those dead presidents with fakes. You could also just fill the "money egg" with pennies.

  • 3

    Soft Eggs

    Simply forget to boil any of the eggs. While using real eggs is becoming more and more antiquated, this might be a funny reason to go back to our roots. Probably shouldn't be done in your own yard. It's going to make a mess.

  • 4

    Surprise Chocolates

    This one is a classic. You take grapes and dip them in chocolate. Let them freeze overnight. Take the wrappers from legit chocolate treats and wrap the grapes. You can also use vegetables, like Brussels sprouts and cauliflower. The only limit here is your imagination.

  • 5

    Switch the Beans

    Bean Boozled beans are so easy to find in Amarillo. Buy a small bag and mix these in with the other jelly beans you'll be using to fill eggs. Be sure and have your phone ready to take pictures of these sure-to-be Instagram worthy moments.

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