So maybe you are like me and you randomly get a message to connect on Facebook Messenger. You don't know who the person is....but you finally accept the request.

This happened to me the other day and the person asked me if I used to live on Laurel Street. So I started wracking my brain to decide could my answer cause me any harm. I mean did Faith do something in that area that can come back now to haunt me?

I finally responded back that yes I did about 3 years ago. Well Natali, who was the messenger, said that I had a Shutterfly delivery at her house. I thought that was weird. So I asked her if she is the one living in my old house. Yes, yes she is.

I still was confused as to why there was a Shutterfly package there for me. So I wondered if it was actual important stuff or just promotional advertising.  Natali thought it was something important.

We also talked a lot about my old house that she is now living in.....I loved that house....I just didn't need that size of house when it is just me. Which is why I sold downsize.

Anyway I told her that I would come by and pick it up the following day. Since it was supposed to rain she was going to put it in a plastic bag and place inside her grill.

Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I told her I had a busy day but I would run by.....and she told me that she figured out who I was from me working here at Mix 94.1. She thought that was cool. I was happy to make a new friend....and even asked if I could add her on Facebook. So me and Natali are now Facebook friends.

Later that evening I was talking with my mom and told her the story. Mystery solved....she ordered me something from Shutterfly but oops couldn't believe she mailed it to my old house.

So I picked up my package the other day....and I'm glad I did. My mom made me a magnet from our trip to Chicago....she used the picture of me and my best friend from elementary school, Patty, we had not seen each other in 27 years.

So I was so thankful that Natali hunted me down to tell me. She could have just tossed it. Or returned it...but she didn't and I am thankful to have my delivery and a new friend.

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