When you stop to think about all of the brilliant technological advances we've made over the years, it can be a bit awe inspiring. We've stepped on the surface of the moon. We've eradicated diseases. We have toaster ovens.

This is one of those moments where I see someone, and I'm reminded how brilliant we all are.

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Texas Sized Problems, Require Texas Sized Solutions

There are a lot of stereotypes when it comes to Texas. One of those is of the lifted pickup truck. You know the ones...they're massive monuments to transportation that you take muddin', and they're second only to "a cold beer" when you're writing out lyrics for a pop-country tune.

This individual has the truck, and also has a problem. How are they supposed to get into the galdurned thing?

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Where There's A Will, A Texan Will Find, Or Make, A Way

It's genius really. Watching the video I saw the person put the step-stool down and prepared myself to watch as they leaned over and tired to stretch far enough to pick it up.

How silly of me. This is Texas.

Our new friend pulls out a wire coat hanger and goes to work, expertly hooking the edge of the stool and then quickly lifting it to the cab; where it is then held safely in the hands of our hero.

Incredible really.

My only question is where the stool came from. Was it one they already had lying around? Did the dealership include it with the purchase, or does that technically count as an add-on? Is it factory or aftermarket?

While the origin of the stool and hanger may never be known, I still tip my hat to the genius behind the wheel of that jacked up truck.

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