If you live in Texas then you know Whataburger is life.  If you leave Texas you crave Whataburger when you want a great burger.    Whataburger has life long fans.

I've known people who love Whataburger so much, they actually went and got a Whataburger tattoo.

When you have the ultimate Whataburger fan in your life, what do you get them for Christmas or even a Birthday or Anniversary gift?  You get them something from Whataburger.   Yes, you could get them a Whataburger gift card, but you could go one step further and get them Whataburger jewelry.

Yes, Whataburger jewelry.

Photo Courtesy of Whataburger
Photo Courtesy of Whataburger

Whataburger has teamed up with James Avery to offer a new Whataburger charm.

It's a cute charm in the shape of a Whataburger drink cup.  Now, don't forget you can also get the Texas Whataburger charm as well.

Watch their face light up when they unwrap this charming gift this holiday season.

If jewelry isn't the perfect gift for your Whataburger fan, then check out these other Whataburger gifts.



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