Can you believe this is the number one thing people in Texas purchase at Walmart?

According to Business Insider, wedding invitations are the number one thing people in Texas buy at Walmart.

...why? Maybe a couple realized that they spent all their money on flowers and now they have to save a few bucks by getting Walmart invitations. I can imagine it has to be way cheaper than getting those custom made invites. I wonder if they save money by buying some of the food there too. Maybe for the honeymoon they can pick up a box set of their favorite TV show. That is a great way to kick off a new marriage.

Nothing says wedding bliss like a Walmart catered wedding. Maybe the couple can take their wedding pictures in the garden center. They can have their first dance in the arcade while the DJ from Walmart radio plays their favorite song.

Book your spring wedding now at Walmart. While you're there make sure you check out the great special on tires too.


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