Ban These Songs From Your Wedding
There is always a new list of something, out almost everyday. If you're planning a late summer or early fall wedding, FiveThirtyEight has put together a list, of songs that should be banned at weddings.
Wedding Expo
When you think wedding planning you probably don't think Market Street.  When you think Market Street you think awesome grocery store and shopping.  However, Market Street can be a great resource when planning your big day.  Coming up this weekend join Market Street for the Weddi…
Bridal Show of Amarillo
So you are engaged and in love and you cannot wait to make a life with your sweetheart.  Well now that you have the ring and the promise you have to plan the wedding.  So where do you begin?  All the answers you need await you at The Bridal Show of Amarillo...
Billed for Missing Wedding
Who doesn't love to attend a wedding?  It's two people committing their lives to each other.  It's romantic and of course, let's be honest, we go for the party afterwards.  The meal, the cake and let's face it if we are lucky the open bar.  However, thing…

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