There is always a new list of something, out almost everyday. If you're planning a late summer or early fall wedding, FiveThirtyEight has put together a list, of songs that should be banned at weddings.

See if you agree or disagree with some of their choices. "The Chicken Dance". Ok, I agree with that, although I've never heard it, at a Texas wedding. "The Macarena". Please don't tell anyone, but I don't think that's a horrible song. There are worse ones.

Like "Happy" from Pharrell Williams. Horrible song. I'd ban it from weddings, funerals, or anywhere, people could be. . "YMCA" showed up on the banned list. Not a bad song, albeit predicable. "Love Shack" in on the list and I strongly disagree. That'a great song.

These songs are banned and I like everyone of them: "Dancing Queen". "We Are Family", "Celebration", "Single Ladies", "Sweet Caroline". and "Baby's Got Back."

If you went to a wedding in the 70s, there was a 95% chance of hearing "We've Only Just Begun" and I was never more thankful to see a decade end. Great song, but it was everywhere.

Do you have a list of songs, you want banned at weddings? Drop a few in the comments below.

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