There is plenty of good news when it comes to getting vaccines here in Amarillo. Last week eligibility opened up to everyone and I even went in and got mine in a matter of minutes at the Convention Center. Now if you don't have the time to get downtown or simply want to stay closer to your own neighborhood you have plenty of options:

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The Amarillo Convention Center

Let's start with the obvious. The North Exhibit hall of the convention center at entrance 3 has been the ol' standby since all of this started. They run Monday through Friday and stay a bit longer on Tuesday (Till 7pm)for those of us who work the 9-5. Here's something extra. make your trip in the afternoon if you can they are less busy after 1pm and you can get in and out pretty fast. Since the health department runs this one, shuttle and bus service are also available too. The city does an excellent job of keeping info current on its Amarillo Alerts website

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United Supermarkets

Out getting milk and eggs? Well why not get a little immunization as well. It turns out all the United Supermarkets in the Amarillo area along with Market Street and Amigos are offering the vaccine on an appointment basis and getting in is just a matter of visiting the right website and getting signed up.


The fine folks over at the Consumer Value Store are also offering the vaccine here in the Amarillo area. Their website allows you to schedule your time as well after answering a few simple health questions.

Just get the shot!

We have been lucky here in the Amarillo area as we are a little ahead of the curve when it comes to our immunization rates. Wherever you go keep in mind you may have to wait not just going in but leaving too. There is an observation period afterwards to make sure you don't have any reactions so might night be a bad idea to have that phone charged up while you sit. Schedule 30-45 minutes of free time.

Oh and dont forget to send us a line if we forgot someone locally:

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