I've seen the question pop up in a few different places, so I decided to look and see if Amarillo has any summer recreational leagues for adults. The good news is that we do.

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Amarillo Parks and Rec actually has a couple of options available. They have summer outdoor volleyball. Registration ends on June 6, so you have some time to sign up.

They also have a Memorial Day tennis tournament coming up. This one is open to kids and adults. Registration ends tomorrow, 5/26, so you need to sign up quick if you're going to.

You can find the registration info for both at this link. I would bookmark it and check back frequently for added leagues.

There are some other places you can keep an eye on for info on adult rec leagues. The Netplex would be a good place to search for adult leagues, or at least a place to play on a regular basis.

I would also recommend keeping up with Kids Inc. They're the ones who hosted the adult indoor soccer league in the spring. It might be worth it to keep an eye out and see if they have anything planned for the summer.

Social media, unfortunately, is one of the better ways to keep up with leagues that pop up in the area. The Facebook Events section will more than likely fill up as we get into the summer months with several different leagues.

With as much as everyone has been talking about pickleball, I expect to see announcements about a summer league popping up soon.

If you know of any leagues that are happening this summer, be sure to let us know so we can help get the word out.

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