I'm all about finding new and healthy things to make me feel better. I especially like it if it is good for you too.

This next food craze, though, I am not sure what to think. I even mentioned it to a co-worker and she thought I was crazy. I guess I get the logic behind it. I'm not sure if people can get past the thought of it.

Apparently some major companies are banking on the fact that breast milk for adults may become the next big thing. Yep, that is what they think.

Now before you are all grossed out, it is not actually human breast milk. Or breast milk at all. The thought behind it is that breast milk contains some healthy things for the body.

They are called human milk oligosaccharide, or HMO. That is something that is good for babies it helps them fight infections and inflammation. It also helps with their brain development and helps to get good bacteria to the colon.

So all in all it is a good thing. So the way life has become the synthetic versions of HMO that are actually used in baby formula is just as good as the real thing! So if you as an adult take them....it could help with your allergies. It could also help with irritable bowel syndrome and help us keep our brain young and healthy.

So companies are looking to make products that we as adults will consume. Products that will mimic the health benefits of breast milk. Again, it won't actually be breast milk but have the same benefits. There is no idea when for sure these drinks will hit the shelf. Just know it is on the way. Oh and you read it here first.

If you found a drink that was like breast milk and helped you on your way to getting rid of health problems could you drink it? Comment below.

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