When companies begin to work on a logo for their product they put in lots of hours and money to find the right design to reflect their brand. This committee usually consists of; board members, designers, consultants, ad agencies and then is presented to a focus group to get their take on it. But it goes even deeper than that.

Pretty much every element in the logo design is there for a purpose, whether it's the choice of colors, the type of font used or the overall 'feel' of it. But, it usually doesn't stop there. If you look hard enough, sometimes you will see that little extra touch inside the logos we love.


The most recent logo change came from the folks over at Wendy's. Gone are the stripes on the shirt, but when you look close on the color of everyone's favorite red head, you will notice the word 'Mom.' Reps over at Wendy's that this was 'unintentional,' but it does add a nice touch.



I have seen these trucks almost on a daily basis here at the radio station, either picking up or dropping off packages. But, it wasn't until a few months ago that someone pointed out an arrow in the FedEx logo that is cleverly located between the E and the X. It may take a second for your eyes to focus or adjust just on that section, but when you see it you'll have a 'uh-huh' moment.



This one really isn't hidden but, if you take a moment, it is kinda clever. My eye always goes to the 'smiley' underneath the Amazon logo, but until doing this story missed the secondary message. Notice how the smiley/arrow underneath starts at A and ends with Z? If you have ever shopped Amazon, they truly do have everything from a to z.



Nothing says party more than some chips and Tostitos salsa. Which is probably why the color choices were used for this logo. Now if you haven't noticed before, check between the second and third 'T'. Isn't that a bowl of salsa on top of the 'i' with two people on either side holding on to a chip? Hopefully, there is no 'double-dipping.'


Baskin Robbins

Who doesn't enjoy some ice cream on a hot summer day or it can also be a good source of 'comfort food.' We know it's taste good for everybody, so maybe that's why they decided on using the colors blue (boys) and pink (girls). But look a bit longer at the logo and you will also be reminded about how many flavors they have. The pink parts of the B and the R make out the number 31.


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