You order something from Amazon and it is just not right. Maybe it is too small? Or too big? All you know is you have to return it.

That may be something you encounter with the recent Prime Day.

Well sometimes finding a box and getting it all ready can be a hassle. Well that really doesn't have to be the case anymore. If you just don't want to do any of that you can let Kohl's help you.

Our Kohl's on Soncy is all ready to make those turns without a problem or a box. All you have to do is initiate the return through Amazon. Then drop the stuff off to Kohl's in the Customer Service area.

They will handle the boxing and shipping for you all free of charge. Why would they do that? Well come on let's be honest. They do home you take some time to find something you can't leave without. Oh and that is SO easy to do inside of a Kohl's.

So the next time you look and you have a couple days until you miss out on the "return window". Just drop your stuff off to Kohl's and be on your merry way.

Really it is that easy! No box, no packing tape, no dropping it off at Fed Ex. It's a one stop shop just waiting to help you.

Oh and yes like I said our Kohl's here on Soncy is ready to mark one more thing off of your "To Do" list.


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