It's a change that many of us probably won't even notice to be honest. The Sod Poodles released an announcement today detailing this big, hi-tech change coming to Hodgetown. Good news? You won't need to carry cash with you anymore, in case you've been annoyed with that wad in your wallet.

Hodgetown is making the big switch to not taking your cash.

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Hodgetown Is Going Cashless!

It shouldn't be all that surprising, really. A lot of pro sports stadiums have already made the move, according to the press release.

I personally wouldn't know. I don't get out to sports stadiums and arenas across the U.S. very often.

Since 2020, a lot of work has been done to make going cashless easier and more "convenient" than using your "foldin' money" to make purchases. Even the self-checkouts have been notorious for not being "cash friendly" at times.

It's just slowly becoming the way of things.

No Cash?! What Ever Shall We Do?!

Well, you can use your credit/debit card. We're all pretty familiar with that. You can also use tap-to-pay if you're acquainted with that futuristic practice.

There's also Hodgetown Bucks you can use at the box office.

Honestly, most people will more than likely fail to see a difference in their experience at Hodgetown. In the press release earlier today, it is pointed out that a recent audit revealed that around 78% of transactions were already cashless.

The same can't be said for those of us who still prefer to deal with cash. We'll need to get with the times.

What If I Only Carry Cash And Don't Have A Card, Mr. Know-It-All-Writer-Man?!

The press release states that there will be reverse ATMs available. They work like ATMs, reverse. Instead of taking money out, you put money in.

This is some next level Star Trek stuff they're doing downtown.

These ATMs will issue users a non-reloadable Visa card that can be used to make purchases at the ballpark. If you have money left over after the game? You can use the card wherever Visa is accepted.

All of this, according to the statement issued earlier today.

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