I remember growing up, that when I'd hear a song on the radio I liked I'd go out and buy the 45. Back then of course I was a Top 40 junkie and really didn't have much place in my life for full length albums, just the singles. As I began to grow my musical tastes over time, I started buying albums from groups that I  enjoyed. Whether it was singles or albums the only place to go would be a record store. Remember? For the kiddos in the group, 'In my day, we actually had stores that were devoted to nothing but music.' lol

I had my own studio setup at a very young age. I remember there were carpets on the walls (for sound proofing), there were two turntables and a small Radio Shack mixer in between them. This was so I could make my own 'mix tapes' and record them to cassette and jam to it in my first car (a Buick Skyhawk) or profess my 'love' through music to the girl I had a crush on.

Nowadays you don't even have to get out of your jammies to buy your favorite songs or a new album from your favorite singer. It's just a quick click on iTunes and BOOM it's yours. I've noticed though that stores like Best Buy and Hastings still have a strong cd collection, with the latter even bringing back vinyl, but it got me wondering, how do you purchase the majority of your music now?

Take a sec and let me know.