Texas is home to a lot of wonderful food and iconic restaurants. We take our food seriously in the Lone Star State. We're also incredibly loyal, which is why there are many among us who still look back lovingly at a bygone Texas icon. If you're wanting to relive the days of dining at Luby's, here's how far you'll have to go in the Lone Star State.

Are There Still Luby's Locations Open In Texas?

Luby's still exists. In fact, they're running quite a special for Thanksgiving this year. Their website isn't something to look at on an empty stomach. The made-from-scratch home-style cooking looks great.

After hearing several people mention how much they missed Luby's I decided to go see if they still had any locations nearby where I could go and check it out for myself.

I had never heard of Luby's before moving to Amarillo. When talking recently about the days when my parents would drag me to a buffet for holiday dinners, Luby's came up and I was given an education in how much it was loved.

I Hope You're Ready For A Road Trip

I've got some bad news. There's not a Luby's near the panhandle that wouldn't turn into a family road trip. There are locations in El Paso and Dallas, and there are several in the Houston area if you want to take a flight for some Luby's. You can find the whole list on their website.

According to the info I could find, several of the locations have closed over the years. The problems, according to news articles I was able to pull up, really peaked during the pandemic.

I was really hoping there would be one somewhere near the panhandle. If nothing else, I assumed there might be one in Lubbock. Sadly, that's not the case.

After hearing about the Luby's and Fuddruckers combo restaurants, I'm insanely jealous. I loved Fuddruckers when it was in Amarillo, and the love for Luby's makes me want to go out of my way to try it.

Bring Luby's Back To The Texas Panhandle

Whoever needs to see this, please bring Luby's back to the panhandle. Bring it to Amarillo or Lubbock. I'm not picky. I need to try Luby's without driving an entire day to do so.

There's still a handful of Fuddruckers still in operation. How about we all meet up in Amarillo for a little reunion? Please?

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