Normally, a trip from 34th and Bell to the Canyon E-Way, takes ten minutes, Max. The construction bug finally hit Bell Street with a vengeance. The lanes behave as our streets do...they go along and turn into something else, go awhile and turn back into what they were originally.

There is something mystical, that happens around 45th & Bell. Two lanes turn to one with little or no
notice. I was going to mention the thrilling drop off in that intersection, but it got fixed, over the weekend. Thanks, but my shocks will never be the same.

People want out of John Stiff Park, and they'll pull out onto Bell, if they see an inch of pavement. And then, we all stop. And wait. I don't know what for, as I can't see that far down.

Welcome to the new "crossroads of the world" at Bell & Hillside. For your entertainment, we'll go down to one lane, while a school bus comes out of Estacado. It takes me three shots, to get to the stoplight.

Now it's green and I want to turn into Sonic. I have planned for that moment since, 34th. But Ma & Pa are in from the country, and don't drive more than 5 miles an hour, in the big city.

With Sonic accomplished, it's time set up my exit. After waiting a good 5-7 minutes to find an opening, I screech out onto Bell on two tires. I can see the Arden intersection. DANM! Someone stopped at the yellow light.

Finally, I get to Bell & Canyon E-Way. Set...wait...go ..and hit the stoplight on the south side of the E-Way. Five minutes there, and I'm free!!!

A simple trip down Bell, now requires the reflexes of Dale Jr, and the patience of Job.

Tomorrow, I'm bringing lunch and a book. And don't honk at me.

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