My friends and I had a conversation the other day.  How old is to old to be trick-or-treating.  For me personally anyone over 12-years old shouldn't be trick-or-treating. Some of my friends say they don't do trick-or-treating anymore, which means on Halloween night their porch light is off and they don't answer the door.

What was the main reason for not trick-or-treating?  Their family got tired of teenagers ringing their door bell.  Not just younger teenagers, but teens 15-18-years old.

Another one said they are also tired of seeing the older kids pushing the younger ones out of the way to get candy.

For me personally I don't enjoy doing trick-or-treating  at my house because it isn't the neighborhood kids.  Another reason is these older kids are absolutely rude.  They will walk up to the door, stick out their bags, "gimme some candy," ( I do make them say "trick-or-treat").   I'll usually put one piece of candy in the bag, then I get, "that's all."  I smile and say "that's all." However, my biggest complaint of all is the kids who still come to my door after 9pm and the light is off and ring the doorbell or knock for 5 minutes.


Don't get me wrong, I love handing out candy to the little ones in their cute costumes that they are so proud of, and their shy little "trick-or-treat."  The best thing about the little ones, the ones that shouldn't know better, actually say "thank you" and are happy with the candy you give them.

Do I take my son trick-or-treating, nope, I usually take him to a fall carnival for Halloween.  It just isn't worth it him getting run over by a bunch of 16-year olds wanting "free" candy.  I know every kid should enjoy trick-or-treating but I want to keep him safe.

I had one friend tell me they don't handout candy to teenagers, they tell them they are too old.  Yes, it has resulted in a pumpkin or two destroyed off their porch, but she says it comes with the territory of standing your ground.

I have noticed that a lot of people don't do trick-or-treating at their homes anymore.

So what are your thoughts on older kids trick-or-treating?  How old is too old to trick-or-treat?

On another note, when should people stop coming to other peoples houses for candy on Halloween?



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