Today is National Coffee Day.  It's one of the greatest days each year.  It's all about coffee.  The deliciousness that wakes you up and keeps you awake.  The deliciousness that comes in many flavors or just black without any additions.  It's coffee and we love it and now we can celebrate it.  Here is how you can get prepared for National Coffee Day today.

  • Start Your Day with Homemade Coffee

    Make sure you have the timer set on your coffee pot and wake up to the delicious smell of coffee brewing in your house.

  • Find the Biggest Cup Possible

    Let's face it, it's National Coffee Day so you are going to want to find the biggest mug around and fill it multiple times with that goodness.

  • Map Out All the Best Coffee Places in Amarillo

    Amarillo has some of the best coffee places.  In fact we have national award winning coffee in this town.  So make a map of all the coffee places you want to have today and start in the morning with one place and travel to the different ones throughout the day and finish in the evening with dare I say decaf so you can sleep.

  • Make a List of the Different Coffees You Want to Try

    Like I said coffee comes in many forms.  You can get it regular, espresso, frappucino, mochacinno, stirred, topped wtih whipped cream, half caf, hot or iced, the list goes on and on and on.  So figure out which ones you want to try write them down and sync the list up with your favorite places.

  • End the Day Happy

    You may be a little buzzed or wired from all the caffeine from the coffee you have drank today, but it's OK you had a good day celebrating.