Let's face it the summer has brought us some really high temps in Amarillo.

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It's been so hot that the air conditioners in our homes have been working overtime and they are struggling to keep up with the triple-digit temps.

How do you keep your home cool when the heat is crazy?

Here are a few tips and tricks that can help keep your home cooler in the heat of summer.

Keep the doors and blinds closed

Yes, your house will feel like a crypt but it will keep your home cooler.

Grill instead of cook outside

When you turn your stove and oven on your house heats up even further.  If you do the cooking on the grill the heat stays outside.

Turn off Lights

Certain lights put off more heat so keep your lights off when you're not needing them.  If you switch to LED lights it'll help keep the house cooler when in use, and use less energy.

Close Doors to Unused Rooms

If you have those rooms that are rarely used, close the doors. It'll help keep the cool air in the parts of the house you actually want it in.

Get More Plants

Apparently, plants serve as natural air conditioners.  Not only do they make the house pleasant and release oxygen, they now will help keep it cool.  Science!!!

Put Ice In Front of Your Fans

If you're AC is working hard to keep up, just put some ice in front of a fan and it'll help keep the house cooler.

Service Your AC

It's always a good thing when you have your AC checked on a regular basis to make sure it's clean and running the way it should, especially in the heat. Oh and change out those filters on a regular basis, especially if you have pets.

Unfortunately, we aren't even in the prime of summer, so hopefully, these tips will help keep your house nice and cool.

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