I have heard this question over and over again.  How young is too young for a bikini?


A lot of parents have this question a lot.  They make bikinis for every size and shape and age.

They make the teeny tiny baby bikinis, toddler bikinis, and on up.  So the question is, just because they make the bikinis in the child's size, should the child wear one.

Some parents say no, you cannot wear a bikini until you are older.

When you wear a bikini, a bikini is meant to show off skin, so as parents, why would we let our babies, toddlers, tweens and even teens wear them?

I don't have a daughter so I cannot honestly answer if I would or if I wouldn't allow my child to wear a bikini.

I do know every time I go near the pool and see little girls my son's age wearing bikinis, I ask the question, why would that parent put their child in a bikini?  Again I'm not that child's parent and that was their decision.

I have a friend who has had the battle of the bikini with their 12-year old daughter.  Daughter wants a bikini, dad says no way you have to wear a one-piece, mom is torn between the two.

So in your opinion, how young is too young for a bikini?