It's Sweatpants Day!
It's Sweatpants Day and I'll be honest I was very tempted to wear a pair into work today, but alas I didn't.  We love sweatpants!  So here's some pros and cons of sweatpants.
Wear Crazy Socks To Work Day
So I just realized that today is Wear Crazy Socks To Work Day.  I'll admit I didn't wear my crazy socks to work today, I wore my flip flops.  But in honor of this day, here is an awesome gallery of some crazy socks.
My New Addiction: Pinterest
Pinterest is one of the greatest things that I have found in a long time.  It is and electronic bulletin board.  If you find something on the internet that you love you, can pin it on one of the many boards you create on your account.  Thenn your friends who are on Pinterest can share…

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