It's Sweatpants Day and I'll be honest I was very tempted to wear a pair into work today, but alas I didn't.  We love sweatpants!  So here's some pros and cons of sweatpants.

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They are comfy

I mean who doesn't love a pair of pants that gives your room.  They don't judge they just sit around your waist and on your hips and they just let you breathe.  The even expand if you overindulge in that tub of ice cream

They are stylish

Let's face it, you can get some pretty cute sweatpants.

A good looking guy in a pair with that V muscle peaking out over the waistband. 

Let's face it, that's just hot.

You Can Jump Right into Bed

Let's face it, sweatpants can serve as your wardrobe but they can also serve as your PJs



Wardrobe of Sweatpants

Yes this is all some people wear.  Expand your wardrobe it's ok.

Wear Out Quickly

You find a pair of sweatpants and you fall in love with them.  Then you wear them and next thing you know you've worn them so much holes are popping up all over them or the fabric starts pilling.

You Can Come off as Not Caring

Let's face it, people are judgmental, and if all you do is wear sweatpants, then expect people to think that you just don't care.

That Elastic Cuff Around the Ankle

Who thought of this, it's annoying.  Thank goodness you can find sweatpants without this stupid constricting band.


No, just no.  Just say no to having juicy written on your rear end.


Go enjoy Sweatpants Day!  Sport those sweats with pride on this laid back day honoring the invention that is sweatpants.