Everyone is guilty of falling in with the "Sheeple" of their time and dressing in god awful ways. You're guilty of it and I am as well. Take for example the "Skinny Jeans" of today. They are surely the Parachute Pants of this decade. I'm sure there will be some really embarrassed kids 10 years from now when their mothers are showing their fiance high school pictures.

Well, when I was in school, there were fashion fads that were equally hideous. I have decided to share some of these with you. I had a trip down 'nostalgia' lane will finding these photos. I can only say that I'm glad we were broke and could not afford MOST of this stuff. Granted I totally rocked some parachute pants.

Tight Rolled Pant Legs

I used to roll my pants so tight that it would cut off the circulation to my feet. Now looking at someone with their pants tight rolled causes me to burst into spontaneous laughter.

Parachute Pants

I can remember how many times I lost my lunch money in one of the 15 pockets on my parachute pants. I may have been only 8, but I wore these with pride just like my brothers.

MC Hammer Pants

I never wore a pair of these when growing up, and for that I'm grateful. But, I do remember a friend of mine showing up at my house wearing some and I was so jealous. Now, I think it was God keep a photo of me in these ridiculous things cropping up on reddit today.

JAM Pants



I can't help but think of the SNL Skit with Chris Farley, David Spade, and Adam Sandler where they play the workout guys who are on steroids! That skit was so freaking funny.

Acid Washed Jeans


How on Earth did people think that these looked hot? I look at this photo and can't help laughing. It makes me remember watching the movie "Can't Buy Me Love". You know, back when Patrick Dempsy was a dork.

Dooney Bourke Purses

I can't believe how much of a 'Dooneycraze' there was back when I was in school. It was insane. I remember that girls would tease other girls and taunt them for not having one  of these. I guess that is an example of bullying from back when I was in school.

John Lennon Glasses


These glasses were the sign of a person who would smoke cigarettes and beat on a bong drum while trying to tell me that if I don't recycle the world will end. These were the definite 'hipsters' of the time and surely grew into the very people you see on 'Whale Wars'.

KEDS Shoes

If you were a young girl/woman in the 80s and 90s I can guarantee that you either owned a pair of these, or really really wanted to. I remember the first day of school in the 7th grade and it was a sea of white shoes with blue tags as I walked into the school.

Stirrup Stretch Pants


Ok ladies, how many of you used to own a pair of these? You're out there! The really scary thing is when you see a woman wearing a pair of these at Walmart that you know she owned back in the 80s! Makes for entertaining trips to the local Supercenter.