My biggest pet peeve is "Reply to All".  I absolutely cannot stand that feature on the email.  I understand that there are some genuine uses for it but for the most part it has become a huge annoyance.


For example, someone sends an email out in the form of a Congratulations to another employee and sends it to the entire staff.  You will have those people who "Reply to All" to send their personal Congrats instead of just emailing that person directly.  Next thing you know your email is blowing up and your phone is vibrating off your desk.

Then you have those people who use reply to all just to feel important.  It is the biggest nuisance of the email system.

According to an article on Yahoo Finance!:

At least 15 percent of a typical office worker’s day is spent on e-mail, and 5 percent of e-mails received are replies to all, according to data from VoloMetrix, a Seattle startup that tracks, minute by minute, how its clients’ employees use technology at work. While that might sound like a small number, spread those stats over a 10,000-employee company and “you rapidly get to a pretty big number in terms of dollar cost—in the tens of millions of dollars [per year],” says VoloMetrix founder Ryan Fuller. For worker productivity, he says, “It’s death by a thousand cuts.”

See not only is it annoying, it costs companies tens of millions of dollars.

The articles goes on to talk about companies who have tried to eradicate the "Reply to All" button.  I think that is absolutely awesome.

I did learn today that software does exist that can disable the reply to all button.  Now if I could only sneak on those co-workers computers who abuse "Reply to All" and disable it.

I wouldn't do that but it would be tempting.

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