It's a valid question. I ordered mine but haven't received the tests so what should I do? If you find yourself asking that question just know the answer is to wait. They will eventually show up.

Patience IS a Virtue for a Reason

Not the answer I bet you were hoping for. It is the best answer I can give you. I ordered mine the day that the story came out that they would ship you four free tests to your home. 

I received my email confirmation right away. So then I ordered for my daughter at her house. I mean she lives in Dallas. She will need them on hand too just in case. She also received a confirmation email. So we know that they received our order for our free tests.

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They were supposed to be shipped in a couple weeks. I also am a realist. I knew with so many people ordering that there would be a delay. I was ok with that. Besides they were free. So no biggie.

Did I Ever Get My Free Tests in the Mail?

I sure did. I got an email a few weeks later. It was not in the seven to ten days that they expected. Again I was cool with that. It took several more days for my daughter to receive her email with the tracking information.

I received mine. She also received hers. So if you haven't seen yours show up yet, don't worry they will. Just give it a little more time.

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