Have you taken a Covid test? Have you needed one recently? If so you may have noticed that they are a little hard to come by. So if you can come by one I suggest you do just that.

If you can get it for free than even better. Yesterday that became a possibility. I saw one of my friends post about getting your rapid Covid test delivered right to your house. Oh, and did I mention it was free? That is the best part.

Oh, and it's not just one test that you will get. You will have four tests delivered to your address. So I wanted to test it out. Yes, it worked. I did get the message that the tests will be in the mail at the end of the month.

OK, I can wait. I don't need them right now. I want these just in case. Of course you never know when you might just start feeling under the weather. I also had four tests sent to my daughter in Dallas. She will need them too.

It's better to have them and NOT need them than need one and can't find one. Right? That is where my daughter was last week. She never got to get a test but we know that is what she had. She was spending the day before with a friend who tested positive. Bam, she was down.

SO here is my only warning. Make sure you go to the right site. There of course are scam sites out there. Like everything else. This is how our world has been. If you want to order you FREE covid tests THIS IS WHERE YOU NEED TO GO.

The form will take you no time at all and you will be prepared. They will ask your name, email (if you want to be able to receive shipping notices), and address. That is all. Then sit back and wait. Your tests will be to you soon.

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