Who would've thought we would find something like this in Amarillo?

For a hefty price of $3750.00, this could be yours to have and to hold. It looks to be 146 of 300 prints.

I found this really weird and interesting lithograph at The Nat right here in Amarillo. I was surprised I found it considering the amount of stuff in that building.

I was walking through the store and saw this lithograph, it was up high and I thought, "What child drew this?" I didn't see the giant yellow tag hanging down. I said to my friend, "look at this."

"It's one of those things John Lennon use to draw back in the day, you should search it on google," he said.

I stood there in awe, I couldn't believe something like this existed, especially an "Apple Pie Bed" with John and Yoko.

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