For whatever reason, people love comparing Amarillo and Lubbock, Texas. A recent study was done to find the safest cities in America in 2023. This study looked at 180 cities across our nation to see which ones you should consider calling home and which you should avoid. Amarillo and Lubbock were among those cities.

So which city is safer, Amarillo or Lubbock, Texas?

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According to the study done by WalletHub, Amarillo and Lubbock both made inside the Top 100. I'll let you decide whether or not that's something to celebrate, considering there are only 180 cities on the list.

Lubbock barely made it in the top 100, coming in at 95th. Amarillo only did slightly better, landing at 80th.

According to the study, Amarillo did far better than Lubbock in the category "Home and Community Safety." This deals with traffic fatalities, violent crime, available first responders per capita, and other metrics. It's a big category.

Where Lubbock did better than Amarillo is when it comes to the risk of natural disasters. Lubbock scored several points better than Amarillo, which came close to the bottom of the list.

Both cities did relatively well in the category of financial safety, just not enough to pull them further up the list. Amarillo barely did better than Lubbock in this category, beating Hub City by only a handful of points.

You can see the entire study for yourself by following this link.

The safest city in the U.S. according to this study is Nashua, New Hampshire. The city you might want to avoid more than any other, according to the study, is St. Louis, Missouri.

Sorry, St. Lou.

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