Recently I have noticed that the battery on my Samsung Galaxy phone has been draining quicker than normal.

This can be pretty frustrating. You charge the battery all night and then within a couple of hours after it's unplugged the battery is drained of power.

If you have been noticing this, there are a few things you will want to check on your phone.

Here's a few things that I have uncovered:

  • Check your apps (some apps continuously run in the background and will drain the juice of your phone).


  • Check to see if you have your GPS on. Sometimes this will get turned on accidentally and is a major battery drain.
  • Email syncs. If you have email accounts on your phone, they may be constantly syncing to your phone. For me this is the BIGGEST drain of my battery. My Exchange Server is running at 69%.
  • Wallpaper and screen savers also will drain your phone
  • Sometimes your battery just 'goes bad' and you will need to replace it.

Here is a quick way to see what is pulling power off your battery on your phone:

1) Go to 'settings'

2) Click on 'More'

3) Click on 'Battery'

Here you will see everything that is working in the background on your phone.


Check out this cool video to walk you through the steps.


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