Your phone rings and you are excited at first and then you look down and realize you don't recognize the number. It's not one of your friends or family members. You toy with whether you should answer that number or not.

I mean if you know them they are usually in your contacts. If not, I always think if it's important they will leave a message. You decide since it is an 806 area code it may be work related. So against your better judgement you answer.

Dang it's ANOTHER one of those darn robocallers. You have put yourself on the Do Not Call list but what good has that done? I mean you are still getting those calls. You know you are told you could sue.....who knows the firs step to doing all that. Who has the time anyway?

So there is this company called DoNotPay and they do a ton of things including  cancelling those free trials and getting you in touch with an actual live person. Here is the thing though....they are taking on those robocallers for you. You sign up for their services and they will issue you a "burner credit card."

Next time a robocaller calls you, you are supposed to act interested in whatever they are selling. You pay with your burner card and BAM they can now be traced. So this company will actually sue them for you. You can get up to $3,000. Heck even if it's only $100 it's a win. You may be able to single handedly get a chance to limit your calls. What a win.

The only problem is this service can't trace companies out of the United States. So any of those scam calls from Russia or those Nigerian Prince's will not end. You can sign up for this service or just ignore all calls like I do.

I would be interested to see how this pans out and if anyone receives a payout. So if you do....let me know.

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