I had an incident yesterday that made me just think that some people do not have any kind of respect for other people.


I had to stop by and ATM after work yesterday and I thought I would just stop by the bank on my way home.  So I pulled into the bank, and up to the ATM lane, and there was a truck there, using what I assumed, the teller pole to make a banking transaction since the other lanes were full and there was a teller pole at the ATM lane.

I set there for about 3 minutes thinking man this is taking awhile, about that time another car pulled in behind me thinking hey I'm just gonna grab some quick cash.  Yeah, not so much.  It had been 10 minutes by this time and it dawned on me, that this truck holding up the line had not rolled their window down once.

By this time the car behind me backed up and pulled away, and as I was about to go and put my car in reverse another truck pulled in behind me.

My patience was starting to wear thin, and by now, I've been here 15 minutes. Do transactions at the drive-thru ever take 15 minutes?

Then I notice the guy that is holding up the ATM line in his side mirror.  His mouth was moving and I noticed his cell phone up against his ear.  He might have been there for his banking transaction but after it was finished he was sure as heck gonna finish his phone call and it didn't matter how long the line behind him got.

Once everyone behind me finally got irritated and backed up I finally got out, and 25 minutes later I was on my way to another ATM.

Don't get me wrong, I understand that there happens to be a cell phone ban in Amarillo, but that ban doesn't give a person the right to hold up a public ATM line in order to finish their call.

It is just rude.

I would love to hear some of your encounters with rude people on cell phones.


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