It's been a long time since I bought a ticket and jumped on a train to go anywhere. For a while, however, it was my preferred way to travel. There's something about it that I found relaxing and enjoyable. Imagine my surprise when I saw a push to get Amtrak in Amarillo, Texas.

Is there really a chance for Amtrak In Amarillo?

How Did The Idea Even Come Up?

At the moment, the FRA (Federal Railroad Administration) is conducting a long distance service study. The study has several aims, with the ultimate goal being the creation of a long term vision for long distance passenger rail service.

That includes creation of new routes and restoration of old ones.

When I was digging through notes from one of the recent meetings that were held regarding the study, an idea was floated about having a line that stretched from LA all the way to Amarillo. While I'm not sure that LA would ever be a destination I'd be interested in, there are a lot of places along the way that are.

It's a pretty interesting idea.

Traveling The US By Passenger Train...Again

The idea of traveling across the country on a train calls to mind images from old movies when fedoras were all the rage. It seems like an antiquated mode of transportation. In my experience, however, it's a pretty nice way to travel.

In my younger years, I took the Amtrak from Oklahoma City to Dallas/Ft. Worth. The trips were comfortable, better than driving, and cheaper than trying to catch a flight.

If I'm being honest, I miss being able to catch a train for a weekend trip out of town. Nothing against flying, but train would probably become my new go-to.

The Study Is Ongoing, And Feedback Is Needed

The FRA has a website dedicated to the study, and there's a lot of interesting information there. A lot is mentioned about connecting rural communities, and the economic and social boosts those areas could receive.

You can check it out by following this link, and there is a spot for feedback at the bottom of the page.

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