Recently, I wrote about a study that had Texas as the state with the most ghost sightings in the US. I commented how unsurprising that is, considering the insane number of ghost stories that exist all over the Lone Star State. We have everything from mesa's haunted by ghost herds, witches graves, and haunted roads.

Is this really the most haunted road in the state of Texas?

Bragg Road can be found in Hardin County, Texas. It's northeast of Pasadena, Texas, near Saratoga, in the Big Thicket. It's an unpaved road that looks unassuming, and even bears the distinction of being a "scenic road."

It also has another name. Ghost Road.

According to legend, if you're on that road when conditions are right, you'll see what's called the Saratoga Light, (or Bragg Light). This unexplained light appears and disappears with seemingly no warning and leaves no trace, except for the stories told by terrified travelers.

If you believe the lore, a railroad worker supposedly died near the road. According to legend, the worker was decapitated in a wreck. A very tragic, gruesome end.

The railroad did once run through that area before becoming obsolete.

I suppose some believe the light, or lights, to be that of his lantern. It's his ghost, wandering along the road in the Big Thicket for the rest of time searching for his head.

While it all does seem a bit too "Hollywood" for me, it's the closest thing we have to an explanation for the unexplainable Saratoga Light.

Does that make this the most haunted road in Texas?

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