If you're a safety-minded person who happens to own a handgun to protect yourself and those you care about, keeping your firearm secure is a big problem. This new device just might solve that problem.

Meet the Gun Box. This firearm storage solution is a newly-designed product that claims that it will keep your handgun safe and secure, with all the trappings you'd expect from a high-tech gadget. You can set it so that it will only open after it scans your fingerprint or if you have a ring pass over it thanks to its RFID capabilities. This ensures that no one but you can quickly and safely access the firearm. It can even be mounted in different positions and secured even more with a Kensington lock.

There's even a function that alerts you via your smartphone if the Gun Box has been moved or tampered with, showing you on GPS exactly where it is in real-time. If you'd like more information on the Gun Box, you can follow this link. Is this the perfect way to store your firearm at home? Time will tell, but the device looks very promising.

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