Today is National Redhead Day, so I get to celebrate all day, over something I had no control over. Mom, Dad, and several relatives all pooled their DNA together, to make me a ginger.

Growing up, being a redhead, was walking around with a target on your back. I've heard it all..."I'd rather be dead..." "Freckle Faced Strawberry", "Opie" and later "Cunningham." As I grew up, I found chicks dig redheads and even more benefits of having a cherry on top.

1. Only 2% of the population has red hair. We're like unicorns!

2, Redheads need less pain killing meds than you do. But, we need more anesthesia than everyone else. We just hate missing anything.

3. Redheads'hair doesn't turn grey. It'will blonde or white, but not grey.

4. Redheads have thicker hair. I'm not sure why, but I won't go bald.

5. Redheads are awesome in the "sack." I didn't make this up. Research from Germany says redheads make more whoopie, than other folks. More time...more know where I'm headed.

Most of redhead types have brown eyes, although a lot of us have green eyes that change colors. That's me. Apparently, the rarest combination in the world, is red hair with blue eyes.

Treat your favorite redhead to lunch or a nice gift. If you forget, you might see that infamous redhead temper!

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