This is a crazy time of year. Once October hit I knew my wallet would be empty.

So I try to be prepared. To get ahead of the game. It's like a running joke in my family. All the family seems to have birthdays in Oct - December. Oh and then there is Christmas.

I mean I am broke these last months of the year.

My mom has an October birthday, my nephew, Trevor, is in November. Both my niece and nephew, Hope and Jackson's are in December.

I, at least, made it easy on my family and only had the one kid. Whew!

So I sent a text to my niece, Hope, over the weekend asking for her new address. She just moved to Colorado. I told her that "I'm not saying I already bought your birthday card....but maybe I did". Her birthday is early December.

When you have a lot of expenses you just have to buy as you can. So here I am.....buying birthday cards and gift cards to send to the world for the upcoming months.

Next I need to start my Christmas shopping. Does anyone else spread out their purchases like this?

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