Celebrating Me and The Year of the April
Today is my birthday. Thirty-seven short years to reflect upon.
I think it's true what they say--that youth is wasted on the young. But the time you realize what a gift youth is, you're not so young anymore.
Let's Help Wish Colin a Happy Birthday - How You Can Help
A mother in Kalamazoo set out on a mission to let her son know that he is very loved after he told his mom that he didn't want a birthday party because he didn't have any friends.  This is one of those stories that hits very close to home with me, because Colin has sensory disorders and a form of As…
Amarillo Zoo Lions' Birthday Bash
It's a birthday week at the Amarillo Zoo and they are celebrating it in a big way.  Solomon, Sarai, and Sheba, the Amarillo Zoo's African Lions, all turn 8 this month and they are celebrating with a roaring good time.

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