It almost feels like everyday there is something new to discover in the Texas panhandle. It's an area rich with wild tales, unbelievable legends, and many hidden treasures. Recently, I was made aware of a place in the panhandle known as Prayer Town.

Originally, I thought this was going to be another ghost town. Turns out, Prayer Town is not only real, but it's actually still going. It's full of Sisters.

Prayer Town Is A Real Place In The Texas Panhandle

However, when you look it up on Maps, it's listed as Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. Prayer Town rests just north and west a little way from Boys Ranch.

There's a lot of history behind Prayer Town, which you can read here. One of the things that catches my attention the most, is that it all started with a massive gift of land. That gift, according to their website, was over 600 acres of land.


To make it even better, that land was over 600 acres of some incredible views. Since that time, the Sisters have built on the land and developed their own little town. There's a lot going on in the little tiny burb of Prayer Town.

Prayer Town Is A Diamond In The Rough

When I started digging into Prayer Town, I was a little shocked by what I found. I was, honestly, expecting some kind of closed off compound filled with religious zealots. Hearing of a religious town hidden in the middle of nowhere; your Hollywood-fed mind goes a little crazy.

The truth is, at least from every interview I've watched or read, these are some of the sweetest people in the world, and they have a very unique home in the Texas panhandle. They just want to practice and share their faith, and have a positive impact on the world around them.

While it's not personally my cup of tea, I can respect people following what they feel in their heart is their life's calling. No one's getting hurt, and maybe one day I'll be able to hear the music floating down the plains late on Christmas Eve.

You Never Know What You'll Find In The Texas Panhandle

It's true. We've got it all from dinosaurs to ghost towns; and everything in between. Just when I think there's not much that can surprise me about this little slice of Earth, something like this pops up.

I never would have imagined that there's a little place called Prayer Town, tucked away in the middle of nowhere, inhabited by Sisters who have taken vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience; and it's all not too far from the Canadian River just northwest of Boys Ranch.

Makes me wonder what else is tucked away out there in the middle of nowhere in the Texas panhandle.

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