Every summer, photos of scary-looking spiders pop up on social media. They're seen crossing the road. One year, a tarantula even found its way into my clothes dryer. I still can't figure out exactly how.

Happy tarantula migration season, everyone.

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Don't Worry. They're Just Doing What You Do On A Lonely Friday Night.

There is a very good, and somewhat relatable reason for the annual tarantula sightings.

From May until around October, male tarantulas don their best tarantula attire and head out. They leave their burrows and go out looking for that someone special.

It's mating season.

Should You Be Worried If You Come Across A Tarantula?

Not really. All of the experts agree that these tarantulas aren't a threat. That doesn't mean that they aren't capable of making your skin crawl.

The tarantulas in question are known as the Oklahoma Brown Tarantula or Texas Brown Tarantula.

These tarantulas are pretty harmless when it comes to people. If you do get bit by one it feels like a bee sting. At least, that's what the experts say.

I've never gotten close enough to find out.

They also say that these tarantulas' bites aren't poisonous to humans. That is unless you have an allergic reaction.

Be On The Lookout This Summer And Fall

We're just getting into the start of mating season, so be on the lookout. If you do a lot of hiking or camping, you might start noticing them sometime soon. Don't worry or be scared. Just keep in mind they're on the same quest most of us were, and some still are.

While all of this information is very nice to have, I can't shake one small detail. I still have one burning question regarding these tarantulas.

What was one doing in my clothes dryer?

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