What is it, that scares you? Clowns? Public speaking? Something native to the panhandle that crawls AND bites?

I have a friend who is scared of ice. Seriously! I have another friend, who lives in Dallas, and won't come to Amarillo after October or before March. Apparently he got snowed in for 3 or 4 days, back during the blizzard.

I'm scared Tom Brady will play until he's 104 years old.

A survey of 2,000 Americans found most of us, are frightened by inanimate things rather than people or animals, with one exception. Here's the top five:

5. Clowns- I blame Stephen King for this, His book and the movie "It" have made sure, clowns will be scare several of the next generations. Personally, I like clowns and I stay away from gutters. Our own "Pokey The Clown" is a hoot and shouldn't scare anybody.

4. Confined Spaces, a.k.a. Claustrophobia- My wife grew up with 3 big brothers who dug a hole, put her in it, and left. She's not a fan of confines spaces at all. She will snorkel.

3. The dentist- I know people who would rather spend a week at the proctologist than an hour with the dentist. Dentists know this, and their depression rate is around 11% of the population as compared to 6% of everyone else.

2. Heights- I'll own this one. I didn't know I was afraid of heights until I went up in the ceiling of the Amarillo Civic Center auditorium. You walk around on boards, held up by wires. The person I was with says "All that's keeping us from death, is these thin wires." BOOM! I was afraid of heights.

1, Snakes- I'll cop to this one as well. Spiders don't bother me at all, but snakes are just nasty. Their attitudes are bad, some will kill you, some won't. I have a friend who is a rancher just north of Amarillo, and when it starts getting warm, rattlesnakes come to visit him. He'll dispatch two of three of them...a day! I don't mind big snakes, like pythons on anacondas. My rationale is, I can see them coming.

We're all frightened by something. Grace Jones scares me and I have no idea why. What scares you? Leave it in the comment section!!



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