Hey Amarillo Face Your Fears This Weekend
I get it we don't really care for the creepy crawlers. I know I sure don't. I won't run and shriek at the sight of most bugs. I will be the one that gets rid of the spiders for everyone else. Now that is not to say I am their biggest fans at all.
What Scares You?
What is it, that scares you? Clowns? Public speaking? Something native to the panhandle that crawls AND bites?
Sssnake Day!
Get ready to celebrate snakes.  All kinds of snakes, small, medium, large, poisonous snakes, harmless snakes and more, at the Amarillo Zoo.
This Weekend is the Tri-State Reptile Expo LLC
Do you know what a Chuckwalla is? Neither do I, this weekend you could find out what that is, or even take home an animal. You will be able to see and learn out about so many snakes and amphibians at the Tri-State Reptile Expo.

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