Snakes and Texas go together like hotdogs and buns. You just kind of think of them as always part of each other; a can't have one without the other type situation. Snakes are a staple of the wild west imagery that the name Texas conjures.

So, which part of Texas has the most snakes? The answer might surprise you.

First Of All, Texas Has A Metric-Crap-Ton Of Snake Species

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas reigns supreme when it comes to states with the most variety of snakes.

Employing both species and sub-species, we come out on top of the heap with a whopping 115 different varieties of snake, possibly more. Indiana Jones is getting the sweats right about now.

Interestingly enough, another fun fact I found while trying to get to the bottom of the original question, is that Texas is home to four of the five different families of snakes.

Which Part Of The State Is The One That Snakes Seem To Love The Most?

First, according to Texas Parks and Wildlife, there isn't a single county you can go to in the state of Texas to get away from the things. Snakes are all over Texas. So, there's that.

When it comes to who among us has the most, there's a couple of different stats that you can find. First of all, there's the area with the most species; meaning the area with widest variety of nope-ropes hanging around.

That distinction would belong to Central Texas. Congrats, Austin. There's a joke about politicians there somewhere. I swear, sometimes this stuff writes itself.

Looks like snakes like to keep it weird too, I suppose.

You can get more info on Lone Star snakes by following this link.

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