Hey Amarillo Face Your Fears This Weekend
I get it we don't really care for the creepy crawlers. I know I sure don't. I won't run and shriek at the sight of most bugs. I will be the one that gets rid of the spiders for everyone else. Now that is not to say I am their biggest fans at all.
What Scares You?
What is it, that scares you? Clowns? Public speaking? Something native to the panhandle that crawls AND bites?
Meteorologist Runs from Spider on Screen [VIDEO]
I am glad I am not the only person who hates spiders.  I don't mind the Daddy Long Leg spiders but any other spider I'm out of the door, or I'm standing far away squirting the bug spray.  I cannot blame this meteorologist for freaking out, especially when she sees a big spider on her screen.