My Dallas Cowboys fell out of any contention for the BIG GAME next month. I've gotten accustomed to it, so I pick out a team or two heading into the championships. I hoped for New Orleans vs Kansas, but we know it's the L.A.Rams vs the New England or, the rest of the NFL against Tom Brady.

After "Dem Boyz" were out of the tournament, I remember saying "Anybody but Tom Brady." Yep, it's Tom Brady again and it's been Tom Brady for a while now. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are headed back to the Super Bowl for the fourth time in five years after defeating the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game.

I don't dislike Brady. He and Bill Belichick have plowed through everything NFL teams could throw at them, but great athletes, coaches,  and teams, find a way to win. The New England Patriots have certainly several ways to do win. In a generous moment, I might even agree that Tom Brady, is the best QB, we're ever seen. Maybe. Probably.

I am getting tired of seeing him in the Super Bowl, every year and I've reached the point where, this year's big game, has lost interest for me. I don't know if the Rams can beat Brady & Co, or not. I hope they can, as it'll be good for everyone. Everyone but Pats fans.

The NFL got the game they wanted, so it's East Coast vs West Coast. Except, there are a bunch more of us, in flyover country, that have seen all the Tom Brady, we can handle.

I get it. I'm sure there were some, who got tired of the 90s Cowboys, who won the big contest, three years out of four. I got tired of seeing Terry Bradshaw every year during the 70s. We're in record-breaking territory here.  For Brady, 2019 will mark his ninth Super Bowl appearance, one that might just land him his sixth title win.

Brady is 41 years old, and most QB's retire long before that.  And Brady looked great against Kansas City. He didn't look alike someone thinking of retiring. I wish he would as he has nothing left to prove.

I can't remember the last Super Bowl, I missed. But, I'm going to miss this one. I've decided to let someone cook, clean, and serve beer. I'm sure there is a movie I haven't seen. That's what I'm after...something I haven't seen.

Congratulations to the Rams, and yes, the Patriots but I'm out this year. I've seen what Tom Brady can do, and I've lost interest in seeing it anymore.

Are you watching the Super Bowl this year?


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